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Introducing Impactful by RFI

To celebrate International Women's Day 2022, Research For Impact is proud to launch "Impactful by RFI," a new podcast featuring movers, shakers, and trailblazers. For Season 1, we are featuring impactful women in Singapore from various sectors!

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For the pilot episode, we talk with award-winning researcher and educator Professor Lily Kong, fifth President of Singapore Management University (SMU), and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences.


In this episode, Professor Kong emphasizes the need to promote and support the social sciences and humanities research (1) to inform policy and (2) to understand ourselves as a society and a place. She talks about how she started as a researcher and what she thinks can be done to further support researchers in the social sciences and humanities.

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In episode 2, we talk with Dr Mythily Subramaniam is currently Assistant Chair of the Medical Board for Research and Lead Investigator of the Programme of Mental Health Policy Studies at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

In this episode, Dr Subramaniam talks about her journey from being a medical doctor to becoming one of the pioneering mental health researchers in Singapore, and Singapore's journey over the past two decades towards increasing interest, awareness, and understanding of mental health in Singapore. She expresses her optimism for mental health research in Singapore and shares her appreciation for uncovering patients' journeys of strength and recovery that can contribute to policy changes.

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In episode 3, we talk with the amazing Dr Sophia Archuleta about her own journey to making an impact through research. Dr Archuleta is Director of the National HIV Programme at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) and currently heads the Department of Infectious Diseases at the National University Hospital. She is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. 

In this episode, Dr Archuleta shares multiple pathways to modern research leadership that cross countries, contexts and disciplines, including transitioning from practising medicine and specialising in HIV and infectious diseases in New York to Singapore, where she established and led the HIV programme at NUH, and supporting evidence-based transformation in clinical practice, such as the use of multidisciplinary teams in caring for patients living with HIV.

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In episode 4, we talk with the incredibly inspiring Shailey Hingorani, Head of Advocacy, Research and Communications at AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research, Singapore). In our conversation, Shailey shares her passion for advocacy research, gender equality, her feminist journey and how she found her public and impactful voice.

This episode will resonate with those who aspire to be a researcher and an advocate! In this episode, Shailey highlighted that research is the foundation of successful advocacy on any issue but particularly women's rights and gender equality. She also emphasized that as researchers and advocates, we have to be reflexive, and be able to consciously acknowledge and understand our own position, and involve the community in research. She strongly advocates that to create policy change, we need to make our research as accessible as possible to the public to help mobilize people to action.

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Webinar: The Future of Value-based Healthcare in Singapore

To access the full transcript of the webinar, please click here.

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A value-based healthcare system has the potential to help Singapore meet the challenges of effectively managing its growing ageing population and rising chronic disease burden, whilst delivering high-quality care and reducing costs. But how do we implement this in the post-COVID19 era?

On 27 November, leading public and private sector healthcare experts from Singapore discussed the ongoing effort in shifting the healthcare industry towards a more value-based system. They shared insights into the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The panel offered their recommendations for implementing, monitoring and evaluating a value-based care model.


  • We need a whole-of-Singapore approach that focuses on primary care and puts the patient experience at the centre. 

  • Implementing value-based healthcare in Singapore requires data-driven targets and evaluation. 

  • Digitalization of the health system will help push for value-based healthcare in Singapore. 

  • We need to change incentives to make value-based healthcare work in Singapore. 
  • More wholistic leadership for value-based healthcare, whether in the public or private healthcare sector, is critical. 

• Dr. Daphne Khoo
Deputy Director of Medical Services, Healthcare Performance Group;

Executive Director, Agency of Care Effectiveness, Ministry of Health

• Dr. Jeremy Lim
Co-founder and CEO of AMiLi;

Director, Leadership Institute for Global Health Transformation, NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

• Dr. Prem Kumar Nair
Chief Executive Officer, Parkway Pantai, Singapore Operations;

Adjunct Associate Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore

Dr. Joanne Yoong
Founder and CEO of Research for Impact, Singapore

Senior Economist and Director, Centre for Economic and Social Research - East (CESR East)

University of Southern California

This event is part of a study exploring the value-based healthcare landscape in Singapore conducted by Research for Impact with support from Johnson & Johnson. 

To access the full transcript of the webinar, please click here

Recommended citation for the webinar transcript: 

[Speaker] (2020, November 27). The future of value-based healthcare in Singapore [Webinar]. Research For Impact. [url] 

[UPDATE as of 6 January 2021]


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