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Towards Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore

Research For Impact is thrilled to launch the White Paper: Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore, with support from the Octava Foundation.

Around the world, the disadvantage gap related to socioeconomic status leads to disparities in educational outcomes in terms of achievement and learning attitudes, and Singapore is no exception. This White Paper discusses potential interventions for Singapore to address this gap at the primary school stage, applying insights from both published global evidence and local stakeholders.


It is especially relevant for those involved in the public education system, service organizations working to support schools and/or children in community settings, as well as funders targeting children and youth in Singapore. 


Download the White Paper – Towards Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore here:

You can also check out the slide deck from the webinar hosted by Octava Foundation on 29 November 2022.

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