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Dr Joanne Yoong, Founder & CEO

Joanne Yoong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of RFI.  In this role, she is principally responsible for the conduct of RFI’s work in accordance with its organizational values, and for the short and long term corporate strategy. She provides leadership to the management team and oversight and support to the RFI team as a whole while representing the organization in dialogue with sponsors and collaborators.

Get in touch with Joanne at joanne@rforimpact.com 

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Dr Suan Ee Ong, COO 

Suan took on the role of COO at Research For Impact to help guide her teammates to deliver high quality, data-driven health and social research. She oversees RFI’s suite of research and evaluation projects and provides guidance on research management, study design, protocol development and ethics, data collection, analysis, and reporting. She also works closely with the CEO and CFO on strategic matters, including business development, stakeholder engagement, and capacity-building. 

Get in touch with Suan at suan@rforimpact.com 

Yik Lin Khoo, CFO & Co-COO

Yik Lin’s career has spanned the public sector to MNCs to SMEs to startups, covering a wide range of responsibilities, such as strategy, policy, finance, client management, programme design and project management. As a Vice-President at the Bank of New York Mellon, a Group CFO at Shooting Gallery Asia, the General Manager at FireForge Games (Singapore) and most recently as a Principal Senior Director at Temasek Foundation, he has built and managed many high-performance teams with a strong and positive organisation culture. He hopes to contribute similarly at RFI.

Get in touch with Yik Lin at yiklin@rforimpact.com

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Oliver Yuen, Director (Finance)

A natural fit for his economist portfolio, Oliver oversees and monitors the company’s cash flow and financial transactions, as well as produces financial projections. He strives for good documentation and insightful analysis, as well as to provide accurate and updated information to facilitate rational decision-making.

Get in touch with Oliver at oliver@rforimpact.com 


Gayle Amul, Director (Communications)

Gayle took on the leading communications role at RFI to help establish RFI’s social media presence. She manages the public dissemination of RFI’s research outputs - from peer-reviewed journal articles to commissioned white papers and reports. She also curates relevant social media content that contributes to RFI’s mission to make research and evaluation more accessible, inclusive and transformative.

Get in touch with Gayle at gayle@rforimpact.com