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White Paper: Towards Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore

Research For Impact is thrilled to launch the White Paper: Towards Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore, with support from the Octava Foundation.

Around the world, the disadvantage gap related to socioeconomic status leads to disparities in educational outcomes in terms of achievement and learning attitudes, and Singapore is no exception. This White Paper discusses potential interventions for Singapore to address this gap at the primary school stage, applying insights from both published global evidence and local stakeholders.


It is especially relevant for those involved in the public education system, service organizations working to support schools and/or children in community settings, as well as funders targeting children and youth in Singapore. 


Download the White Paper – Towards Equity Among Young Learners in Singapore here:

You can also check out the slide deck from the webinar hosted by Octava Foundation on 29 November 2022.

Youth and Parents' Attitudes Towards Mental Health Support

The Majurity Trust (TMT) commissioned Research For Impact (RFI) to conduct a research project on youth mental health. 

This project is timely as parents, educators, and policymakers in Singapore are increasingly concerned about youth mental health. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic such as the economic downturn, extended home-based learning and limitations on in-person interactions, have also introduced sharpened uncertainties and anxiety amongst our youth.

This study sought to understand where and why youths aged 10-18 in Singapore seek out support and assistance for mental health, and their wants and needs – from both youth and parental perspectives.

These findings can prompt discussions on how to move ahead by clarifying what parents and youths care about, on which issues they can find common ground on, and where they differ.

Check out the executive summary here:

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Time for tobacco-free generations in the Western Pacific in the Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific 

Malaysia has declared plans to implement a generational smoking ban. What else is needed to ensure future tobacco-free generation policies across the Western Pacific?

RFI's Gianna Gayle Amul (Senior Policy Researcher), Dr Suan Ee Ong (Senior Health Systems Researcher) & Dr Joanne Yoong (CEO and Founder), with Azrul Mohd Khalib (Chief Executive) of the Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy (Malaysia) published a commentary in the Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific on the prospects and challenges surrounding Malaysia's plans to introduce a generational tobacco ban.

Read the commentary here:

Responses to COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Diverse Paths and Ongoing Challenges in the Asian Economic Policy Review (2022)

The team at Research For Impact, led by Dr Joanne Yoong (CEO & Founder), with Gianna Gayle Amul (Senior Policy Researcher), Dr Suan Ee Ong (Senior Health Systems Researcher), and interns, Diya Kraybill and Michael Ang, published an article that compares the COVID-19 policy responses in 4 countries in Southeast Asia: SingaporeMalaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam in the Asian Economic Policy Review.

Check out the full text of the article here:

VBHC White Paper Cover Graphic (Compressed) (1).jpg

White Paper: Towards Value-Based Healthcare in Singapore: Perspectives on Past, Present and Future.

Research for Impact is excited to collaborate with Johnson & Johnson Singapore to produce a white paper titled "Towards Value-Based Healthcare in Singapore: Perspectives on Past, Present and Future". This paper details Singapore's progress towards implementing VBHC and how healthcare stakeholders can further create value and support innovations within Singapore's healthcare system. We want to thank all healthcare stakeholders who participated in the development of this study.


Download the white paper via to learn more about VBHC implementation in Singapore and how we can move forward together in creating a sustainable healthcare ecosystem for all.

Building Bridges: Improving the Lives and Livelihoods of Migrant Construction Workers in Singapore

Research For Impact Founder & CEO Dr Joanne Yoong, Senior Advisor Dr Suan Ee Ong, and RFI interns Harishan Rajendran, Edward Lim and Diya Kraybill are excited to share the report produced with our partner, Healthserve - "Building Bridges: Improving the Lives and Livelihoods of Migrant Construction Workers in Singapore." 

This report was commissioned by the The Majurity Trust and Leap Philanthropy LEAP201.

You can access the full report and Executive Summary here. 

At a glance: You can check out the key findings and recommendations in this video summary!

Contributing Authors: Thakshayeni Skanthakumar, Suan Ee Ong, Harishan Rajendran, Natalie Leong, Edward Lim, Diya Kraybill, Jeremy Lim, Joanne Yoong

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