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Time for tobacco-free generations in the Western Pacific

Published in The Lancet Regional Health Western Pacific, this commentary explores the potential and pitfalls of generational tobacco bans across the Western Pacific following Malaysia's plans to introduce a plan.

Malaysia has declared plans to implement a generational smoking ban, the first country in the Western Pacific seeking to pass a law that would ban smoking and possession of tobacco products for people born after 2005. 

While this is a firm step towards a tobacco-free generation (TFG) in Malaysia and across the Western Pacific, tobacco control measures at present are implemented to varying degrees across ASEAN member states.

History suggests that Malaysia will face a tough challenge, but regional experience also suggests the way forward for Malaysia and other neighbouring aspirants. If successful, Malaysia stands to lead the way for TFGs across the region.

This commentary paper is a collaboration between the team at RFI and the Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Read the full commentary at

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